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Looking for a MUSICIAN for game!!

2009-05-16 15:14:57 by Animator1123

I am looking for a musician for the team game.
The music i am looking for is sort of a rock feel, but very dark feeling as well.
Or pretty much anything and anyone will do at this point.
If you wanna work on this game them pm me back for the audio portal or programmer position.


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2010-06-08 16:56:25

does it say that you are good at animating madness on your ''blurb about yourself'' thing? have you even checked out DIMB's or Raptorsends, Clatforms, or Kingapple's animations? they are one of the best madness animators on newgrounds, krinkels is best :3
also, i've had flash for 15 days, and if you check out my page and my tests, i think even im a bit better than you. dont know yet, but i think i am.